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The Montgomery Brawl

What a historic day. Before we even get to the event, do you know the history behind the Montgomery, AL Riverfront Park? It's the same port where cotton went out and SLAVES were brought in to be sold. Let's add that the Riverfront boat's name is The Harriott II. Now, the event. Let's just say, the white family got what they deserved for jumping an older black man who was just doing his job. All of this could've been avoided had they just respected authority and complied. But no, white privilege was the choice, and that came with the consequence of a good ole' fashion, Montgomery, AL ass-whoopin'.

I know many of us have watched every video an unhealthy amount of times. It brings us joy because this was an action of Black Unity, showing how powerful we are together.

They "tried that in a small town", and it didn't work out in their favor.

Honorary Mentions


Crew Workers

Chair Man

Citizen Participants

Montgomery Police Department

Witnesses (gave us multiple video angles, and the one young lady who is the best commentator alive - boop ahh, boop, boop ahh!)

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