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Low-Income Housing Development

In addition to RMA, we are seeking to develop low-income housing for the same community our future scholars will come from. B22 Park, Inc. is committed to creating positive and sustainable solutions for housing challenges, and we believe this project aligns perfectly with our mission. 

Our proposed low-income housing project aims to provide safe, affordable, and quality housing options for individuals and families facing financial hardships or families in need of a safer environment. This project is in response to the critical shortage of affordable and safe housing in our community, as identified through extensive research and community needs assessments.

Project Overview:

  • Location: Alabama and Georgia

  • Target Population: Low-income individuals and families

  • Unit Types: Apartments and single-family homes

  • Estimated Number of Units: 100-unit apartments and neighborhoods with up to 50 homes each

Project Goals:

  • Addressing Housing Shortages: Alleviate the shortage of affordable housing for low-income residents in our community.

  • Community Development: Contribute to the overall development of the community by creating a stable and supportive living environment.

  • Improving Quality of Life: Enhance the quality of life for residents through access to safe and affordable housing, fostering a sense of security and belonging.

Benefits to the Community:

  • Economic Impact: Job creation during construction and potential ongoing employment opportunities.

  • Social Impact: Strengthening community ties, reducing homelessness, and enhancing overall well-being.

We are excited about the prospect of creating a meaningful impact through the development of low-income housing in our community. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this proposal further and explore potential collaboration to bring this vision to fruition.

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