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How Does Private Labeling Work? 

We make the product and YOU BRAND IT. It really is that simple.  


What is Private Labeling? 

Also known as "white labeling," a private label product is produced by a manufacturer (such as B22 Labs) and sold under a retailer's (you) brand name. As a retailer, you determine how it's packaged and labeled. Spa and hair salons often use some or all private label products to create their brand. 


How is Private Labeling Beneficial? 

As a customer, buying private label products cuts down tremendously on the costs and time it would take to have products formulated from scratch, which can cost anywhere from a few to several thousand dollars for one product that may or may not come out the way it was envisioned. You're able to add to an already existing line you have or you can use our products to get started and test the waters. 


The more you buy the greater the incentive. Products have already been tested in the market for years and are proven effective. You're also able to sell your products as a main source of income or in addition to your other business. For example, selling your brand of products to your clients after you've performed a  facial. 


Is it Really This Simple?! 

Absolutely! We offer low minimums for you to get started. 

What's in your products?

Please refer to the Ingredients page. 

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