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Natural Leather Bag Model 152164 Verosoft

Natural Leather Bag Model 152164 Verosoft

Ladies' Vintage P4p Leather Shoulder Bag by VOOC.
Ladies' shoulder bag in a fashionable Vintage style. The advantage of this bag is that it allows you to create a variety of stylings to suit any occasion. The bag is a perfect addition to everyday attire, as well as an elegant suitcase. Comfortable two shoulder straps sewn throughout the bag are an additional decorative accent.
HAND MADE product made with great care and attention to detail from the best quality natural leather. Thanks to such performance, we provide satisfaction for many years.
Vintage is a style for individualists who want to stand out through their avant-garde accessories. In this tone, our designers have created a collection combining passion with fun by juxtaposing the old with the new. A real skill for finding things from past eras and pasting them onto modern VOOC bags, handbags and rucksacks.
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